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L’Arc Parfums is a unique perfume house rooted in the love of art and travel.
It is named after a major element of architecture: the arch, a structural figure spanning the opening between two points.

L’Arc, as a metaphor, perfectly illustrates the ambition of the house:

Each fragrance invites us to cross over to another shore, whether physical or spiritual, like a wondrous olfactory journey, a real sensuous odyssey.

L’Arc Fragrance originates from the discovery of an ancient travel book dating from the late eighteenth century, which belonged to an extraordinary French Master Architect and Perfumer. Remaining anonymous, his infinitely rich writings are a wonderful testimony to a new era, a heritage of the enlightenment which opened up to the whole world in search of knowledge, science, different cultures and artistic exchanges.

L’ARC Perfumes – The Voyage Odyssey Collection

This collection of fragrances is dedicated to the countries spanned by the master architect-perfumer. They reveal a physical and carnal relation to a specific place. It’s a declaration of love to the world, an ode to multiculturalism.

Mémoire Carnet de Voyage

Balade Tiaréde Tahiti

Aventure Jasmin de Karnak

Traversée Cèdred’Ifrane

Escapade Vanilledes Îles

Evasion Digode Havane

L’ARC Perfumes – The Memoire Odyssey Collection

This collection conjures the sensations and emotional connections associated with all epic travels. More intangible and elusive, these fragrances magnify inner journeys and sensory experiences. Timeless and universal, the fragrances of the Memoire Odyssey connect the past to the present.




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