H2O Vodka

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As with all our products, the risk of a hangover in H2O vodka is reduced to a minimum. Without any exaggeration, this is vodka of absolute purity. In all stages of production, H2O vodka is repeatedly purified by our multi-stage filtration technology, which gives it its smooth and flawless flavor.

It serves as the perfect base for a delicious cocktail and does not cause hangovers. The advantage of this brand is that in addition to high quality it has a reasonable price which makes it affordable for more consumers.


H2O No Hangover Vodka

They import their raw materials from European countries and countries of the Customs Union. The vodkas are made from the best kinds of alcohol of the class «Lux» and «Alpha». obtained by the method of fermentation and repeated distillation from 100% of grain (wheat) grown in ecologically clean areas of Russia and other CIS countries.

Created the author’s design of bottles and gift wrapping which creating appropriate mood and atmosphere. The bottles are designed and imported from France and Russia.

H2O Vodka

Volume 750ml

Alcohol 43% vol.

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