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Neutrino seeks to live up to its name by looking for global opportunities through long-term partnerships to bring strategic products needed for the advancement both the country and the African continent.

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Neutrino Investment Holding Pty Ltd was formed in 2017 recognising the opportunities around the world with sole purpose of creating partnerships and leveraging the networks globally to attract investment for South Africa and the African continent in general.

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Godfather Vodka

Alcoholic Beverages

We present to you our most luxurious vodka. Due to its exclusive technology, this product passes at least 50 filtration cycles, unlike regular premium vodka.

Masterclass Vodka

Alcoholic Beverages

Based on the principle “The best or nothing”, this refined vodka, made represents many years of experience, unlimited talent and true innovation.

H2O Vodka

Alcoholic Beverages

As with all our products, the risk of hangover in H2O vodka is reduced to a minimum. Without any exaggeration, this is vodka of absolute purity.

Puro Del Oro Cigars

Tobacco Products

The process of producing cigars is entirely a handcraft based procedure. The beds have to be prepared for seeding which are transplanted. Later on, the plants are topped and suckers removed to increase the plants vitality.

Condega Cigars

Tobacco Products

Condega is a cigar brand conceived as a tribute to the great valley of Condega, in Nicaragua’s tobacco region. The goal has always been to provide high quality cigars with an excellent price-quality ratio.

Kraken Cigars

Tobacco Products

Kraken is a new brand in cigar market, rolled in Nicaragua from Indonesian and Nicaraguan tobaccos. Behind the brand is the same manufacturer as Condega cigars. They delights cigar lovers who only want to spend a little money on their smoked goods.


Tobacco Products

SPS Cigaronne, founded in 1999 in Yerevan, Armenia, is a privately held company that engages in the production and sales of high-quality cigarettes. Cigaronne is a trademark of SPS Cigaronne and is protected under international patent law.

L'Arc Parfums

Exclusive Perfumes

Inspired by Maitre de Claude's commitment to purse his passion for unique scents, L'Arc Parfums distinguishes itself by being the first house of perfume dedicated to the seekers of grace and artistry.

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