Alcoholic Beverages

Wholesale and Distribution Opportunities

Alcoholic Beverages Wholesale & Distribution Opportunities

The making of distilled spirits begins with the mashes of grains, fruits, or other ingredients. The resultant fermented liquid is heated until the alcohol and flavourings vaporize and can be drawn off, cooled, and condensed back into a liquid. Water remains behind and is discarded. The concentrated liquid, called a distilled beverage, includes such liquors as whiskey, gin, vodka, rum, brandy, and liqueurs, or cordials. They range in alcoholic content usually from 40 to 50 percent, though higher or lower concentrations are found.

Wholesale & Distribution Opportunities

Godfather Vodka

Alcoholic Beverages

We present to you our most luxurious vodka. Due to its exclusive technology, this product passes at least 50 filtration cycles, unlike regular premium vodka.

Masterclass Vodka

Alcoholic Beverages

Based on the principle “The best or nothing”, this refined vodka, made represents many years of experience, unlimited talent and true innovation.

H2O Vodka

Alcoholic Beverages

As with all our products, the risk of hangover in H2O vodka is reduced to a minimum. Without any exaggeration, this is vodka of absolute purity.